Log Cakes Festivities

We're fully into the Christmas season right now. A splendidly joyous occasion, this is the time we spend with families and friends, as we hold gatherings with different groups throughout these 12 days of Christmas, and catch up about all the interesting things that happened to each us in the last few months. 

Although the stories themselves are captivating, there is a simple deal-maker for me to attend any of my friend's gathering invitation. Log cakes. These cakes as simply delicious, and so rare. You don't get to have them any other time of the year except these 12 delicate days leading up to Christmas. This year, however, I was about to try something different and decided that instead of leaning on my friends to provide me with this delicacy, or the nearest cake shop, I would go and learn how to bake it myself.  

I searched a long while on the internet and debated between several cooking schools before deciding to go with this firm called ChefTales, who offered various interesting Christmas Cooking Classes. Although the price might seem a bit steep at first, and I was reluctant, I eventually decided to go ahead with it and did not regret this decision one bit. The cooking studio was amazing and had even been decorated with Christmas decors. The chef was extremely professional, yet really friendly and gave me lots of personal hands-on advice as to how to bake the cake. It was really a fun filled experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

I was even thinking of going for a second time but looking ahead at my schedule, I think regretfully, there isn't a time to slot in another section. Perhaps, sometime again next year, when I've had more free time on my hands, I would go attend another class and would learn something non-Christmassy this time. Would update you if anything like this happened!